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Since our inception it has been part of the Masorti on Campus mission to bring students high quality learning opportunities. We have found the best way to do this is by working with institutions doing just that.
Below you will find online resources from six exceptional Jewish instituions. All with world class faculty, egalitarian philosophies and our shared love of Torah.

While each website is unique in its layout they are all full of D'vrai Torah, Jewish teachings, presented as essays or recorded lectures and classes. Material is available for novice students through PhD holders.
For those who enjoy Podcasts, featuring both traditional and alternative Torah study, check out the Podcast tab.

JTS Torah Online

JTS’s extensive online Torah resources reflect today’s most compelling conversations, research, and teaching from leaders in Jewish study—all available for learners around the world to explore and enjoy.


The Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies fuses the methods and findings of the academic study of Judaism with the fervor and devotion of traditional study and observance. 


Powered by the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem, the Shiurim Online Beit Midrash has everything you need for your own learning as well as teacher resources for anyone leading a class or discussion.

Elmad by Pardes

Elmad is the online learning library of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. Pardes is a co-ed non-denominational Jewish learning community, based in Jerusalem.


Mechon Hadar is an educational institution that empowers Jews to create and sustain vibrant, practicing, egalitarian communities of Torah learning, prayer, and service.

Drisha Online Learning

Drisha is a leading center for the study of classical Jewish texts, providing students of all ages and backgrounds with the opportunity to encounter texts in a serious, intellectually rigorous, and inclusive manner.

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