Meet the Podcasts

Once thought lost to stories of our grandparents, radio dramas and talkshows are back and in our pockets.
Of course we're talking about Podcasts and YouTube videos.

There is a wide range of content out in the world now and we are going to try and bring you the best and more relevant for you. Below is a curated sampling of Jewish and Torah podcasts.


Tablet Magazine

On Halakhah (Hadar Campus Scholars)

Reflections on the meaning and purpose of Jewish law in the modern world.


*NSFW* Bible Reading


Rabbis Josh Buchin, Adir Yolkut, and Jeremy Markiz

Mechon Hadar Online Learning

Yeshivat Hadar's online learning library: A collection of lectures and classes on a range of topics.

WECRZ Podcasts

Congregation Rodfei Zedek, Chicago

Rabbinic Journey Podcast

Rabbi Jeremy Markiz

Hadar Campus Scholars

Hadar Campus Scholars is a program of Mechon Hadar in New York City.

Rabbi John Carrier

Learn to Live Meaningful Life {YouTube Exclusive}

NOTE: Masorti on Campus is not responsible for the content of these recordings and cannot be held accountable for offensive language or theologically challenging topics. Enjoy.

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