Our Story

Masorti on Campus works to promote the growth of educated and thoughtful Jewish adults. Our communities are built on shared values of the love of Torah, devotion to social justice, and dedication to community and Israel. We strongly encourage campuses to foster pluralistic communities, with the goal of filling the academic year with powerful Torah learning in traditional yet completely egalitarian environments.

Our Approach

We recognize that students have a desire to learn, and Jewish students have a desire to learn about Judaism. This website is part of our effort to foster strong connections between students and Jewish texts. We encourage those with the goal of filling their year with powerful Torah learning to take advantage of the resources collected here.

The goal of all our projects and programs are to help grow a Judaism that is intellectually rooted, spiritually compelling, and emotionally satisfying. By bringing together a range of instituions it is our hope students will engage with each other, debate, question, and find a balance between Jewish tradition and modern life.

Next Steps...

This website a collaborative project, as such feel free to reach out with suggestions and comments, e.g., requesting resources or wishing to add your product to our catalog.